Conference Room Reservations

Conference Room Public Use Policy


The Canby Utility Board (“CU”) establishes this policy to provide rules and regulations for the use of the public meeting space (“Conference Room”) within CU’s facility. CU will not make the conference room available for activities that conflict with CU’s daily operations, governing rules, and policies. Use of the conference room does not constitute CU’s endorsement or support of any organization using the conference room under this policy.


  1. CU Priority. CU has the first priority to use the conference room, also called the boardroom, over any outside activities at all times. CU will advise users as soon as practical if there is a scheduling conflict so that they can make alternative arrangements. CU will try to maintain a reservation already created and approved. CU shall not be responsible and have no liability for any damages to users resulting from the cancellation of scheduled events.
  2. Availability. The conference room is available during regular business hours: Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and meetings may last until 10:00 p.m. CU may make an exception for a special request to use the room outside of normal business hours and days so long as a staff member can provide access to the building. Door keys will not be distributed, therefore a representative of a group must enter the room prior to the close of the business day. The second and fourth Tuesday afternoons are reserved for CU board business only.
  3. Application. Any person at least 18 years old, on their behalf or representing any group or agency, may apply to reserve the Conference Room. Paper applications are available in the office at 1265 SE Third Avenue or on this page.The application must include all the requested information, including the user representative’s name, telephone number, address, and alternate contact person’s phone number in case CU needs to contact them. The organization or group shall update the contact information if representative changes occur.Applicants must acknowledge that they understand and will ensure compliance with all Conference Room policies. The Board Secretary, or designee, will review and approve or deny all applications based on the provisions of this policy. The application will be referred to the General Manager for consultation when in doubt. Any applicant denied using the conference room may appeal to the General Manager in writing. The General Manager will review the application and respond to the applicant.
  4. Allowable Use. The conference room is generally available for meetings, training, work sessions, and special events. It is free of charge to the following users:
    1. Governmental agencies – federal, state, county, local, and special districts
    2. Councils and association organizations that CU is a member
    3. City of Canby civic groups and non-profit organizations
    4. Any exceptions to the allowable use are on a case-by-case basis
  5. Prohibited Uses. The Conference Room is not available for:
    1. Meetings at which admission is charged or money is raised or exchanged
    2. Sales presentations
    3. Fundraising events
    4. Commercial events
    5. Private social events
    6. Events for personal financial gain
    7. Organizations that meet for political or religious purposes
    8. Events by groups or organizations that discriminate against any legally protected class
  6. Reservations. Use of the conference room is based on the order applications are received. A group may reserve the use of the conference room up to 1 time per month. Advance scheduling is limited to three months out from the date of the application.
  7. Conditions and Rules of Use.
    1. Users may not exceed the Conference Room’s maximum capacity. In addition, the CU Board tables are interconnected with power cords and will not be disconnected. These tables are to remain in their present configuration and may not be moved by anyone except CU staff, substantially minimizing the room’s actual usable capacity.
    2. Non-powered tables and chairs in the room may be moved about the room to meet the user’s needs. They are to be returned to their original placement upon the conclusion of the user’s meeting.
    3. Users are responsible for ensuring the room is clean, and if applicable secured after use. Cleanup includes wiping table surfaces, removing debris, and placing garbage in appropriate containers. Securing the building applies to after-normal business hours use and includes keeping exterior doors closed during meetings, checking bathrooms for any persons prior to leaving, and ensuring that the exterior doors are fully closed and locked when done with the meeting.
    4. The Conference Room is not designed for cooking, preparing food, or catering. Light refreshments may be served. Open flames and candles are prohibited. A coffee pot is available in the room; however, coffee is not supplied.
    5. Music or other audio must be limited in volume to avoid disturbing anyone in the building. Any music must be contained to within the room and not able to be heard by anyone entering or leaving the customer service lobby.
    6. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, smoking, vaping, tobacco use, e-cigarettes, or cannabis are permitted anywhere on the property.
    7. Firearms are not permitted anywhere on the property unless authorized by law. Further, leaving or not securing dangerous weapons or other hazards (jeopardizing the safety of patrons or employees) will result in an immediate request to leave the facility and property and could involve law enforcement.
    8. Users are encouraged to carpool as parking is limited. Users shall leave the first three parking spaces closest to the front doors open for CU customer parking. Exceptions are allowed for those who need handicapped access when the designated handicapped spaces are occupied. Street parking is permitted on S. Pine Street.
    9. Users publishing a notice for a meeting in the Conference Room must clearly identify the sponsoring group’s name. Groups may not imply CU sponsorship of their program or organization in their publicity. Any printed or electronic publicity or marketing materials that include the CU’s name and address must include the disclaimer stating, “Canby Utility does not sponsor this event,” and shall be reviewed by CU staff.
    10. Security cameras monitor CU’s Conference Room, hallway, and parking lot. There is no expectation of personal privacy in these areas.
    11. At least one adult age 18 or older must be present when youth groups use the room.
    12. Animals are not permitted in the Conference Room except for service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act or part of a pre-approved program.
    13. Computer and related accessories, microphone, speaker system, office equipment, AV equipment, coffee, paper plates, plastic utensils, and office supplies are not provided. CU may make special arrangements for using the overhead projector and white screen with prior approval and the staff’s availability to set up the equipment.
    14. CU is not responsible for theft or damage to property brought into the Conference Room.
    15. The conference room user is responsible for any damage to the building or building equipment caused by or related to his/her/their use of the facilities and agrees to report damages to CU in writing as soon as practical. The user will also be responsible for any costs associated with additional cleaning required due to the meeting.
    16. Exceptions to these policies may be made at the Board Secretary’s or designated staff’s discretion.
  8. Denial of Future Use. Any damage to the premises or equipment, removal or unauthorized use of equipment or supplies, leaving rooms in a littered condition, failure to ensure doors are fully closed and locked upon departure, and disregarding the use and conditions set forth within this policy shall be considered sufficient reason to deny future use to the applicant and organization responsible.
  9. Indemnity Agreement. The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CU, its Employees, and Agents from:
    1. All liability, damage, loss, cost, or expense, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, that the indemnities may sustain or incur on account of any damage to or destruction of any property that CU may own or have responsibility for.
    2. All liability, damage, loss, cost, or expense, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, on account of any damage to or destruction of any property belonging to any person, firm, or corporation.
    3. All liability, damage, loss, cost, or expense, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, on account of any damage resulting from injury to or death of any person or persons resulting from or in any way connected with the use by the user or their invitees of the CU facilities or property.
    4. It is further understood that the user shall, at the option of CU, defend with appropriate legal counsel and bear all costs and expenses, including expenses of counsel, in defense of any suit arising hereunder.

      CU requires users with general liability insurance coverage to provide CU with a copy of their Certificate of Coverage, listing CU as an additional insured.

  10. Emergencies. Canby Utility has 24-hour answering service that can reach staff at any time should an emergency or urgent need arise. In case of a true emergency, call 911 first then contact Canby Utility staff by calling (503) 266-1156.

Thanks for your cooperation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any of our rules clarified.

Groups using the conference room must complete a registration form prior to use.

Conference Room Reservation Form (PDF)

Upcoming Room Reservations