Board of Directors

Update: Until further notice, the Canby Utility Board of Directors will be meeting virtually via Zoom due to COVID-19.  The boardroom is typically open for the public to attend but if anyone would like to attend by Zoom, please contact the board secretary for a link to the meeting.

The Canby Utility Board will have a position opening March 1, 2022. Applications are to be submitted to the City of Canby. View the Committee, Board, & Council Appointment Application (PDF).

Questions regarding the open Board position call Barb at (503) 263-4312 or the City of Canby at (503) 266-4021.

Board Secretary

For general Board of Directors related matters or to contact the Board of Directors, please send an email to Barbara Benson. You may also contact her at (503) 266-1156 ext. 312.

The Board Secretary-Clerk also serves as the utility’s official record custodian. To submit a public records request, please contact Barbara for additional information on how to proceed with the process.