Water Service

Water Emergencies

In anticipation of possible water emergencies that can be caused by storms, accidents, or natural disasters, Canby Utility reminds and encourages our customers to call and report issues, should they occur.

Service Area

Canby Utility’s water service area includes all areas within the current City of Canby limits and urban growth boundary. Canby Utility provides potable water through approximately 5,400 residential, commercial, and industrial service connections.


The water system includes surface and groundwater sources, an 8 million gallons per day (mgd) treatment facility, 66 miles of piping, 4 storage reservoirs with 5.5 million gallons of total usable capacity, and 3 pump stations. In April 2006, Veolia Water North America began operating the water treatment plant for Canby Utility under a ten-year public-private partnership contract.

Water Source

The primary source of water is the Molalla River with an intake pump station capacity of 7.9 mgd. The pump station serves both the Main River Intake and River Infiltration Gallery. The primary groundwater source is the Springs Gallery with a seasonally varied capacity up to 1.4 mgd. Canby Utility secured a water rights certificate to develop 8 mgd of raw water from the Willamette River for future growth.

Water Pressure

The water service area is comprised of a single pressure zone. The elevations served range from approximately 100 to 180 feet above mean sea level. The system is served primarily by the High Service Pump Station at the water treatment plant and the pump station at the 13th Avenue Reservoirs. While pressure ranges are based on pump characteristics and topography, the average system pressure is approximately 70 pounds per square inch (psi).

Water Demand Growth

  • Canby Utility’s April 2010 Water System Master Plan and April 2011 Water Management and Conservation Plan both project the following population and water demands: Plan for Addressing Growth
  • Under maximum day demand for existing conditions and over the 20-year planning horizon, no improvements are required in order to provide recommended fire flows while maintaining required minimum service pressure.
  • In 2012, a circa-1982 concrete 2.0 million gallon reservoir was seismically retrofitted and a back-up generator was installed to ensure adequate fire flows.
  • In 2009, Canby Utility completed a 2.5 mgd capacity expansion to the High Service Pump Station to meet existing and future maximum daily demands.