Home Efficiency Incentives

Program Eligibility

  • Single-family and multi-family residences must have permanently installed electric heat capable of heating the entire dwelling. Your utility will pay weatherization rebates only when electric heat is the primary heat source.
  • A home energy audit must be performed before you apply for a rebate. If you start weatherization work before the audit, the work will not qualify for a rebate.
  • Canby Utility reserves the right to inspect completed work. Rebates will be paid only on inspected work that meets Canby Utility’s specifications (aka: Regional Technical Forum (RTF) Residential Weatherization Specifications).

Qualifying Energy Efficiency Improvements

The following energy efficiency improvements qualify for a rebate if they are recommended on the utility-approved audit:

  • Insulation (attic, wall, and floor)
  • Energy-efficient replacement windows
  • House/Duct sealing


(Rebates – Subject to Availability of Funds)

  • Refer to your audit report for the estimated rebate amounts.
  • Insulation (contractor installed): approximately 30% of average cost of installation.
  • Blower Door Guided Air Sealing: amounts vary depending upon leakage reduction.
  • Window rebates: U-factor of 0.30 or lower — $6.00 per square foot of window opening (Existing single pane or double pane with metal frame windows only qualify. Existing double pane wood or vinyl frames are not eligible for a rebate).
  • For owner-installed insulation, rebates are limited to 100% of the cost of materials only.

Note: Rebate amounts may change at any time.

Project Completion

  • Projects must be completed with 90 days of the utility’s approval of your rebate request. Canby Utility cannot guarantee availability of incentives if project extends beyond 90 days from approval.
  • After the project is completed, all final invoices and receipts must be submitted to Canby Utility upon completion.
  • Rebate funds are not released until all invoices/receipts for the project are submitted to the utility.

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