Residential Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate

Homes That Qualify for a Rebate

  • Site built and manufactured homes qualify for one heat pump water heater per residence replacing an existing electric water heater

Rebate Amount

  • $300 rebate for any qualifying tank size Tier 1
  • $500 rebate for any qualifying tank size Tier 2 to 3
  • $700 rebate for any qualifying tank size Tier 4
  • $600 rebate for 40 gallon tank
  • Note: Rebate(s) will not exceed 70% of total heat pump water heater cost (does not cover installation costs)

Learn About Heat Pump Water Heaters

Before Installation: Pre-Approval

Pre-approval is required to qualify for the rebate but an on-site visit is not required prior to installation to qualify for the rebate. You or your contractor must submit the rebate application before installation. The approval process takes approximately one business day. Upon receipt of the preapproval, you may begin the project. The project must be completed in six months. If the project is not completed within six months of the preapproval, the contractor must reapply for the rebate. There is no guarantee that funds will be available after the six-month approval or that the incentive rebate amount will be the same.

After installation: Final Documentation

You or your contractor must submit a completed rebate application and final invoice to Canby Utility via email.

Quality Assurance Inspection

A follow-up inspection may be required. If you are chosen for an inspection, you will be contacted beforehand to schedule a day/time with a Canby Utility field representative.

Customer Rebate Checks

You can expect to receive your rebate check 8 to 10 weeks after submitting the completed rebate application and required final documentation.

Rebate Application