“Strange” Taste in Canby Water has Returned

With last month’s summer temps reaching well over 100 degrees, the river water temperatures have also risen.  Some years, the timing of summer temps and warming river waters cause algae to proliferate.  Green Algae contains harmless organic byproducts that in microscopic quantities can cause drinking water to have an “earthy” taste.

Canby Utility began experiencing the “earthy” taste in our water beginning the week of this past July 4.  Some years, algae grows at the right time and at the right location on the Molalla where it makes its way into our raw water intake.  Canby Utility’s water treatment plant located on Cedar Street does not have the ability to remove these harmless organic algae byproducts that cause this bad taste.  In past years, this taste hangs around for several months until the fall rains begin.  Then the algae is usually washed downstream by the rains and rising water levels.  Despite the bad taste, regular testing confirms the water is safe to drink.

CU water customers should keep in mind that a one-time water filter rebate of $25 is available to residential customers who purchase a home filter or replacement filter packs.  Commercial customers such as restaurants or production facilities can receive up to $200 for installation of a commercial filtration system or filter replacement re-pack maintenance.  Again, CU only provides this rebate on a one-time-per-account basis, and to get the utility bill credit rebate requires proof of purchase to verify.  But if you have not yet participated and you have a CU water account, call our office today for more information.  This program is aimed at helping our drinking water customers find a good, cost-effective filter system to help get us through these occasional algae “bad taste” times of the year.