Spring Maintenance – Check Outdoor Water Systems for Leaks

Sprinkler system with labels pointing to the nozzle, riser, wiper seal, soil level, cap, and bodyMany of us use sprinkler systems to keep our lawns and gardens looking their best after the spring rains give way to sunnier days. If your yard has a sprinkler system, it’s important to check your system for leaks that can run up your water bill.

The most common leaks occur at and around the sprinkler heads. Spring maintenance should include running individual watering circuits and observing the system at work. Watch for any excess water pooling around the heads. Try tightening the heads to stop the excess flow. If there appears to be a leak around the nozzle riser, once the system is turned off, you can disassemble these parts to remove debris which may be the source of a leak.

It may be helpful to keep a few spare sprinkler heads available if tightening or cleaning steps do not resove the leak problem.

Backflow Reminder

Have y o u h a d your backflow device tested this year? Backflow devices need to be tested annually to ensure that your irrigation system continues to function properly to protect your drinking water. More information as well as a list of testing companies can be found on our Certified Testers List.