South Ivy Street & Southwest 5th Avenue Working Underground

Utility worker installing underground linesCanby Utility’s electric crew has been busy at work out on the South Ivy Street project. Crews are transferring the overhead power lines to underground facilities. The project extends from Highway 99E to just beyond Southwest 8th Avenue, and has been a rewarding endeavor for our employees. In the future, the existing power poles and overhead lines will be removed and new street lights installed to illuminate the sidewalks. This project will make it safer for pedestrians, and it will eliminate the risk of car-pole accidents and power outages common to overhead power lines.

Canby Utility’s water crew was also busy at work out on Southwest 5th Avenue. This project replaced approximately 600 feet of 6-inch water main that was identified in our Water Master Plan.

This important project was completed in August, and will reduce the risk of a line rupture and leaks caused by aging infrastructure.

Utility workers beside a utility vehicle working on underground linesWe appreciate the public’s patience with the challenges construction causes for traveling around the work zone or customers who are affected by the service interruptions as we disconnect services from the old infrastructure to the newly built system. We are proud of the efforts our crew has put into making our systems more reliable for our community.