Office Construction Progress Report

Canby Utility warehouse constructionIf you have recently driven by Canby Utility’s new office location at 1265 SE Third Avenue, then you may have noticed a new building coming out of the ground on the back-half of the Combined Service Center headquarters campus. This activity is part of “Phase 2” construction of the Combined Service Center, which once completed will provide working space for the Canby Utility personnel who worked previously out of the “Shops Complex” located at the intersection of N Redwood Street and NW Territorial Road.

As of March 15, the iron skeleton of the new utility vehicle and equipment storage building just erected can be seen progressing toward completion. Situated beside the vehicle storage building is another structure that has the slab almost poured and completed, and a steel skeleton will be erected in short order; the new warehouse building will provide a safe place to keep necessary electric and water materials at the ready.

“We are excited to be able to launch construction of Phase 2 of the Combined Service Center,” said General Manager Dan Murphy. “For decades Canby Utility has operated with one-half of its personnel at an office location downtown and the other half of our folks working across town. Completion of Phase 2 is going to be history-making, bringing all of our electric and water personnel together under the same roof. This will provide us with greater efficiencies in numerous areas of our electric and water operations.”

The Phase 2 project is scheduled for completion in July or August of this year.