Master Fee Schedule Update

The Canby Utility Board of Directors approved a revision to the Master Fee Schedule, effective November 1, 2022.

Canby Utility has implemented a charge for theft of water:

  • $250 for the first offense
  • $500 for the second offense
  • $1,000 for additional offenses

A new fee of $25 for a pre-disconnect visit will apply when our employee goes to service an address for a nonpayment disconnect and gives the customer additional time to pay that day to avoid service interruption. Until now, there was no charge for our costs incurred. If the customer’s service had been shut off, they pay a reconnect fee to cover the cost of the disconnection and reconnection visits. The pre-disconnect fee is half of the new reconnection fee. The reconnection fee has increased from $40 to $50 and the same-day service fee has increased from $40 to $50.