Levelized Payments Might be Right for You

Canby Utility offers a program that is designed to help residential customers navigate the unpredictable fluctuations of energy and water costs, especially during the hottest and coldest months of the year. It’s our Levelized Payment Plan, and it can be especially helpful to your household finances this year with the rising costs of inflation that have affected everyone.

This plan looks back at your last year of utility bills and then averages the monthly cost to establish a set utility bill rate that does not change month-to-month for the next year. This level rate adds a cushion of .08% to the monthly amount to reduce likelihood of underpayment.

This chart shows an example of how Levelized Pay Plan can turn a household’s bills, fluctuating nearly $100 between high and low months of the year, into a predictable, budgetable consistent monthly amount.

At the end of the levelized payment year, Canby Utility will true-up the account so that any additional balances owed or overpayments will be used to recalculate the levelized payent amount for the next year. Some rules apply.

You may have also heard through various news outlets and other sources, about increasing utility costs. Your Canby Utility Board of Directors does not expect any changes in electric rates until the next wholesale rate adjustment from the Bonneville Power Administration in summer 2023. We worked hard to keep your electric rates stable for the past three years and we’re continuing now. Stable rates and an option to levelize your utility bills hopefully will make the rising costs of other goods and services a little more manageable.

Please remember that Canby Utility and Clackamas County offer programs to assist customers in paying their utility bills during a time of need. You can contact our office for more information about applying for assistance from Canby Utility’s program, Share the Warmth. If you would like to donate funds to this program helping other families, you may do so by visiting our office or mailing us a check made out to “Share the Warmth”.