Habit of Efficient Living

Frequently Canby Utility shares tips to reduce water and energy consumption.

Recently one savvy customer pointed out that our tips frequently suggest a purchase so that while there is an efficiency gain on one hand, there is an initial increase in expenditure on the other.

This month we’re sharing some tips to save energy by making better use of what you already have. Get ready, because mom was right all along!

  • Turn it Off — Winter consists of short, cold days and while a ceiling fan is great to pull warm air down to you from the ceiling, be sure to turn off the fan if you are not in the room. Also, be sure to turn off lights when you leave a room too.
  • Dress for the Season — You won’t need to heat the house quite as warm if you wear your favorite sweater and warm socks around the house.
  • Power Down — Power down your computer when you aren’t using it. Many computers consume up to 65% of their operating load when idling or sleeping.
  • Run Full Loads — When operating dishwashers and washing machines, you will use less water and water heating by running fewer partial loads.
  • Phantom Power — Many electronics that operate by remote, along with cell phone battery chargers, use energy even when not in use. Use a power strip to completely turn off these electronics when not in use.
  • Close your Curtains — Curtains aren’t just for privacy. During cold months, closed curtains at night will help keep in more of your home heating.
  • Use your Microwave Oven — While a microwave doesn’t give the best results for every recipe, when you can, use it instead of your stove. Microwaves heat food more efficiently than stoves.