Celebrating Public Power Week

Public Power Week, which is always the first full week of October, celebrates the recognition and promotion of public utilities. This year the annual Public Power Week takes place October 2 through 8.

Public Power Week honors and raises awareness for the value of power and city-owned electric service providers. Public power utilities, such as Canby Utility, are operated by a local government as a public service to communities with reliable, responsive, not-for-profit electricity. Public power utilities are directly accountable to the people they serve through local elected or appointed officials.

More than 2,000 communities in the United States—serving more than 49 million people or about 15% of the nation’s electricity consumers—light up their homes and businesses with public power. Each public power utility reflects its own hometown characteristics and values, but all have a common purpose: providing safe, reliable electricity at reasonable prices.

Public utilities are dedicated to having a strong influence in the future of America’s energy policies.

The average public power customer pays 13% less in electricity rates than the average investor-owned utility customer.

Canby Utility is a city-owned utility. A locally appointed Board of Directors guides us in our mission to deliver quality service at stable rates. We are here to serve you, and we are proud to have helped customers with significant savings through lower rates since we began providing service in 1970.

Visit Canby Utility’s office for a coffee, cookies, and a surprise gift to celebrate Public Power Week.