New Customer Service Policies

The Board of Directors adopted new policies and procedures that will go into effect February 1, 2017.


Canby Utility will no longer leave a DOOR HANGER notice on your door prior to services being disconnected for non-payment. These notices now called a “Disconnect Notice” will be delivered by USPS mail, in a gold colored envelope. The current fee of $25 will continue to be charged for each notice that is mailed.


If you make payment arrangements, Canby Utility is implementing a new procedure and payment agreement form to clarify financial arrangements customers may make with Canby Utility to prevent a service disconnection. Should a customer fail to keep the payment agreement, the account will be assessed a $25 failed payment arrangement fee and the electric service will be disconnected according to the provisions stated in the agreement without further notice.


Canby Utility will offer automatic, monthly payments using a credit/debit card over the phone without the need for a signature.


A customer service representative will attempt to contact customers by phone prior to disconnection of service. To avoid missing a courtesy call, please be sure Canby Utility has your current phone number. Failure to receive a utility bill or courtesy notice does not excuse payment by the required due date or in any way guarantee service will not be disconnected for non-payment.