Mobile First Approach

Our mobile first approach utilizes Responsive Web Design best practices that help ensure your website is flexible enough to adapt on a wide array of different devices.

Prepare for the Future

In the not so distant past, and as recent as a few years ago, designers and developers created websites formatted to appear and interact best on desktop computers. At the time this thought process made perfect sense, as desktop users were the overwhelming majority. However, as of 2014, mobile users surpassed desktop users, solidifying that mobile formatting simply cannot be an afterthought when it comes to website design.

The good news is that since the benefits are clear, the decision to go mobile first is a no-brainer.

At Ruralite, we have adopted the Mobile First approach to our design process. This means that rather than designing a site for a desktop computer, we design the core of the site from the ground up with the key priority being the experience for the mobile user.

Its been nearly a decade since smart phones took the world by storm becoming a must-have for millions of Americans, yet far too often, mobile is considered as an afterthought to the website design leaving the user with a less than adequate experience.

Today, it is commonplace for users to utilize mobile devices and tablets to get information. Research shows it’s becoming common for users to not even have a desktop computer in their home; instead opting to use a tablet. With mobile and tablet usage accounting for an average of 55% of website traffic for utility organizations it is essential to consider your website’s user experience using a mobile device.

Our Mobile First Approach utilizes Responsive Web Design best practices that help ensure your website will be flexible to adapt and translate well on a wide array of different devices. This approach also ensures that you will only have to update information in one place rather than maintaining one website for a desktop computer and another version for mobile.

Gone are the days of “pinch and zoom” as users will have information automatically resize to fit their device and screen for simplicity and ease of use. With a Mobile First responsive foundation there is no need to worry about mobile users being able to access your website easily.