Resolution Number 258

A resolution revising the Canby Utility Board's Share the Warmth bill assistance program.

Whereas, the Canby Utility Board is an Oregon municipal utility operating in accordance with the Canby City Charter and ORS Chapter 225;

Whereas, the Canby Utility Board established a bill assistance program in 1987 to assist its customers with low income and special circumstances in paying their utility bill; and

Whereas, ORS 757.687(11), requires consumer-owned utilities to have in operation a bill assistance program for households that qualify for federal low-income energy assistance in Canby Utility's service area; and

Whereas, on August 14, 2012, the Board adopted changes to the Share the Warmth program, increasing the annual maximum funding limit and establishing a new procedure and revising qualification criteria to better serve specific needs within the utility's service area; and

Whereas, the Board desires to amend the Share the Warmth program to apply the six months of service eligibility criterion to not only the Door Hanger category of customers, but also the Low-Income/Disabled/Senior category.

Now, therefore, the Canby Utility Board resolves as follows:

  1. Adopt Procedure 562, as stated above.
  2. The procedure is effective on February 1, 2013.