Home Buyers

Ask these questions before you buy:

  • Is the system currently working? — The best way to find out is to have a certified Onsite Maintenance Provider do an Existing System Evaluation. Visit the Department of Oregon website for a list of Certified Onsite Wastewater Inspectors.
  • Are there maintenance, pumping, or repair records? — Checking maintenance records will help you to identify if potentially costly repairs may be needed.
  • If the existing system fails, how will you repair it and what will it cost? — Repairs or replacement can be expensive. Plan ahead for system expenses!
  • Where is the existing system located? — Planting, building, or driving on the drainfield will ruin the system! There should also be a reserve area for a replacement system. Do not build or pave over the reserve area either!
  • Is there a septic system permit on file with the DEQ or local County agency? — If no permit is on file, the system may have been installed without a permit or be very old. You could be held responsible if the system fails or causes a public health risk.
  • Will the existing system support any changes to the home? — You may need a larger system if you make additions to the home. Ask before you build!