Landlord Billing Agreement

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I am the owner of rental units/property located in Canby, Oregon. I hereby authorize Canby Utility to transfer the electrical and/or water service at the address listed below from the name of the renter/lessee to my name promptly upon notification that the present occupant is vacating the premises. The manager/management company named below is authorized to act on my behalf in regards to the property address listed on this agreement, if applicable, until further notice.

I understand Canby Utility will notify me or my manager, if applicable, by postcard, fax, or email within a timely manner after receiving notification that the rental unit/property is being vacated.

I further understand that Canby Utility’s Customer Service Policies and Procedures apply to the
Landlord accounts including: deposit requirements, collection procedures, and disconnection of services if utilities are not paid.

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