Posted 5-2-19
Water Project Notice for N.E. 13th Ave & N.E.13th Circle:
Canby Utility has started the process to hire a contractor to complete the Water Main Line Project for 13th Ave. and 13th Circle   We expect the work to begin in the coming weeks and expect the project to be completed by the end of June, 2019.   This project is a portion of our efforts to continue serving our customers with safe and reliable drinking water.  Canby Utility appreciates your patience and cooperation in supporting this effort.
Posted 6-8-18
News release from Dan Murphy, General Manager
Posted 10-31-17
New Electric Rates effective November 1, 2017
Posted 9-22-16
Canby Utility and the City of Molalla are working together to protect water resources.  The purpose is to fund and coordinate efforts regarding source water protection, public outreach and education around watershed issues, drinking water, and water conservation, so that we may preserve the Molalla River as a high quality drinking water source.
Posted 2-4-16
Posted 7-23-15
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Posted 9-17-14
  • SCAM ALERT:  Canby Utility has received a report that scammers are active in our area again.  The caller Identified themselves as a Canby Electric employee.  The scammer demanded a payment from the customer within 45 minutes from the call to avoid getting their services disconnected.  PLEASE CALL 503-266-1156 before making any payments over the phone.    Ask the caller for their name and a phone number to call them back at.   You are encouraged to report the scam to the Canby Police Department.  Remember that Canby Utility will NOT require you to purchase a prepaid credit card for any payment due to us.
Posted 06-30-14
  • SCAM ALERT: Canby Utility has received reports that scammers are active in our service area.  They are currently targeting small businesses, but in the past they have contacted residential customers as well.  If the call seems suspicious to you, please hang up and call our office at 503-266-1156.  The scammers have discovered technology that appears to be the utility calling on a phone’s caller id so be sure to ask them for a contact number to return the call. If they have you call back on a number other than our 503-266-1156 then it may be a scam.  You are encouraged to report scams to the Canby Police Department.  Canby Utility will NOT require you to purchase a prepaid credit card, which the scammers have demanded in several situations.  Protect yourself, when in doubt you may hang up and call us back using the main office number only.
Posted 04-15-14
  • Canby Utility Board Meeting Time Change 4-22-14.
Posted 11-7-13
Posted 9-3-13
Posted 8-30-13
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Posted 4-30-13
Canby Utility Board Proposes 9.95% Water Revenue Increases June 1st this year and next year.
Posted 02-27-13
Road closure scheduled for March 25th, for patching on S. Ivy.  See complete details and map.
Posted 08-21-2012

Notice is hereby given that a quorum of the Canby Utility Board may be present on September 25, 2012 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM to attend the 13th Avenue concrete
reservoir seismic upgrade project information meeting. The project information meeting is taking place at the reservoir construction site on S.W. 13th Avenue.

For information regarding this notice, please contact Barbara Benson at 503-266-1156. This notice is being posted at the Post Office, Canby Utility website and Canby Utility’s  office on September 21, 2012.

Posted 06-21-2012